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Like the golden sun (Aureus) this is the sunniest dormitory in Hufflepuff's House. It has the most beautiful view to the grounds of Hogwarts, if you stretch out enough at the window!!


Just like our Common Room's entrance, to enter our dorm, the roomate must tap the door in the rhythm of ‘Hufflepuff’, which will make the door swing open, exposing the dormitory. However, if you tap it wrong, you will be doused in pumpkin juice and barred access.


Everyone that enjoys a peaceful place to be will be very comfortable here. We respect everyone and we're always available to help.

Hufflepuff's Traits and Values

Hufflepuff is a House of teamwork; it’s very group-oriented. We are defined by our love of family, comfort, and living things first and foremost. We also care deeply for people and enjoy the company of others; being alone or feeling unloved are things Puffs dislike intensely. Another is that the Hufflepuff’s sense of justice has limits: if doing something just is going to cause discord within the group, Hufflepuffs are the most likely to simply avoid conflict, even if it means a miscarriage of justice.

Earth is their element, and earth-like qualities tend to be associated with them. Warm sunlight and fresh grass are very Hufflepuff in nature. Hufflepuffs value tradition and the past (though not as much as Slytherin.) As the Sorting Hat says, we are loyal, just, and true; tolerant; and very much a humble, decent sort of House. Hufflepuff is best defined as the House of general human decency and kindness: Puffs are thoughtful, kind, and caring.

Antequam noveris, a laudando et vituperando abstine

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